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What is SEO

Your path to greater online visibility

SEO is a highly specialized set of services that will help your website achieve better rankings in search engine results, improving visibility and increasing conversion rates through organic channels. SEO is the process that will help your business leverage opportunities from organic resources, in order to convert potential leads into customers.

Search Engine Optimization is by definition the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines via natural and un-paid results. SEO is a set of services that involve manifold skills and knowhow, including technical analysis, user experience, web design, content marketing, Online PR and general marketing.

Nowadays SEO should be part of every Company’s Marketing strategy, since at least 50% of a website’s overall traffic originates from search engines.

Our strategy for organic growth

Unlocking SEO potential

Search Engine optimization includes a huge list of activities to be done in order to be successful. Google and other search engines use hundreds of parameters to evaluate how a website will rank in the search results. In addition to that, since Google wants the search results to be organic and natural, they rarely announce clues on their algorithm, which makes our work even harder and at the same time exciting and challenging. 

Our SEO professionals follow a sophisticated methodology not only to rank your website as high as possible in Search Engines, but also to leverage any organic Web opportunity, increasing your conversions, sales and customers. This methodology has been developed after years of experience and is dynamically changed to meet the ongoing search engine updates and Internet trends.


The choice of social media platform depends on your business type and target audience. Facebook is almost always a good option, with its vast user base. Instagram is great for brands that rely heavily on images. LinkedIn is the platform of choice for business-to-business companies. Twitter is excellent for news-based companies. However, the best approach is to figure out where your target audience spends their time and focus on those platforms.

While organic social media marketing can be effective, social media advertising can greatly amplify your reach. The budget can vary based on the scope of the campaign. We can work with you to determine a budget that achieves your goals and fits your finances.

Posting frequency can vary depending on the platform and your audience. A consistent posting schedule is important, but quality should not be sacrificed for quantity. We can help develop a posting strategy that suits your business.

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