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Kitchen Management.

Your Business Success is mainly decided from your restaurant’s kitchen. The heart of the production, the back-of-house operation which is the busiest. Using the right technology in your restaurant kitchen will help overcome any shortcomings of kitchen management. Restaurant kitchen technology includes a Kitchen Display System (KDS) that is integrated with our Point-of-Sale system and all our softwares. As soon as the orders are punched in, they are displayed on the KDS. The App streamlines orders flowing to the kitchen from multiple channels, including online and third-party platforms.

Reliable and faster table orders .

Relying on your waiter’s memory is unreliable and using pen-paper is very slow and outdated. Switch to Waiters app and manage table orders smartly.

Be in sync with POS, inventory and other apps .

All Waiters in the outlet are synced with a central POS Desktop. The cashier operates the POS desktop to record payment and close the order. The app is also connected to the Kitchen management app.

Waiter application.

Waiters App is a wireless restaurant ordering software that can works on any tablet or phone by the waiter. This simple restaurant order taking system is part of large Management System where multiple waiters submit food order simultaneous on multiple tables. Waiters App Software is connected to the completed Powersoft 365 POS Billing and Inventory software where the waiter has given all responsibility for collecting orders from customer table using Tablet or Mobile.

Some of our Advantages .

Meal Pacing

Ensure food is prepared to arrive to tables at the proper time, resulting in a better guest experience with less miscommunication issues.

Kitchen Automation

When an order is made, chefs can view the order on kitchen screens and determine which food items to focus on or give priority, taking into consideration prep times of each so that all items for a table complete at the same time.

Special Instructions

Make it easy to call attention to special instructions that can be easily overlooked in a regular order ticket, with Kitchen Monitor is easy to differentiate items by color indicators and moderated sounds, resulting in avoiding mistakes and minimizing questions to other staff members who may be busy. Feature includes ticket timers and the ability to customize how tickets appear.

Let's discuss your project.

Please leave your details and we will be in touch within 24 Hours. Or Simply email your brief to [email protected]